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California Business Law & Litigation Attorney

The California lawyers at Mayo & Mayo provide legal advice, negotiation and drafting of business contracts, commercial leases, business law and litigation and sound legal advice for your business. No charge initial consultation 415-397-1515

If you have not yet formed your business entity, our California business attorneys can provide legal advice as to whether your company or real estate holding entity should be formed as a C corporation or Subchapter S corporation, an LLC (limited liability company, which is often recommended for real estate holdings), an LLP or a nonprofit corporation (IRS 501(c)(3).

Building a strong foundation for a successful company requires minimizing liability as well as thoughtful decision making. Our San Francisco attorneys can provide legal advice as your company grows and help limit your liability, both personal liability and corporate liability.

San Francisco attorney Terry Mayo can also assist you in the purchase or the sale of a business, including structuring, disclosures and drafting of the purchase and sale agreement.  A California attorney at Mayo & Mayo can also draft commercial leases and business contracts to suit your specific business needs and industry standards.

There is no charge for an initial consultation 415-397-1515 or 415-397-3713

Corporate Business Attorney San Francisco Terry Mayo Picture 1. Business Law, Business Contracts and Commercial Leases

2. Litigation – Business Litigation and Commercial Litigation

3. Corporate Formation and Corporate Compliance

4. Mediation


 1. Business Law, Business Contracts and Commercial Leases

Our San Francisco attorneys provide legal advice and expertise for all aspects of business law, business contracts and commercial leases. San Francisco attorney Terry Mayo can review and draft your commercial leases and negotiate with the other party for terms favorable to you and your business. Our California lawyers will review and draft documents related to purchases and sales of commercial real estate, refinancing agreements for your business, employment agreements for employers, purchases and sales of residential real estate and the purchase or sale of a business.

Terry Mayo has over 37 years practicing real estate law in San Francisco for both commercial and residential owners of real property.

2. Litigation – Business Litigation and Commercial Litigation

A large part of Mayo & Mayo’s practice is litigation, both real estate litigation and business litigation.  Our California attorneys can represent you in almost any aspect of business litigation including breach of contract cases, HOA disputes, disputes arising from the purchase or sale of a business, negligence, unfair competition and contractor and owner disputes.  There is often an overlap between business litigation and real estate litigation that can include disputes arising from the purchase and sale of real estate, landlord tenant issues, including disputes governed by the San Francisco Rent Board, and construction defect issues.

3. Corporate Formation and Corporate Compliance

A California lawyer at Mayo & Mayo can incorporate your business, form an LLC for your business or real estate holdings or prepare the documents required for a corporate dissolution including your application for an EIN.  Our attorney can provide legal advice and strategize as to what form of business is most advantageous to you, be it a C corporation, Subchapter S corporation or LLC.

Once your business entity has been formed, one of our San Francisco attorneys can assist you with the various California corporate compliance requirements.

4. Mediation

San Francisco lawyer Mary Mayo is also a certified mediator and can mediate business litigation disputes including breach of contract disputes, real estate litigation, unfair competition, contract rescission, negligence, fraud, misrepresentation and other business lawsuit mediations.

Mary Mayo
San Francisco mediator

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